YEAR: 2005 – acoustic study and construction management

Before the beginning of the acoustic study, the building is in an advanced phase of construction, being executed in the main room, the structure of the stall and amphitheater slab, the outer skin of the façade, part of the roof enclosure and part of the layer roof watertight

The central container is a single volume that contains both the stage box and the listening room itself. The low height of the stage box compared to that of the stage mouth does not allow the installation of a comb with the possibility of configuring stages and/or an acoustic shell (that hide decorations, legs, sides of the acoustic shell, etc.) that are necessary for certain theatrical performances and musical auditions.
The situation of the amphitheater configures an excessive depth in the floor of the stalls below it with the consequent risk of a loss of hearing quality in the localities located under the amphitheater.
It must be added that the viewing angle of the last rows does not allow a 100% view of the height of the opening. See the attached figure, longitudinal section according to the project, the line of sight of the last spectator.

The geometric and acoustic parameters of the room are analyzed and proposals for corrective measures are made, which is what constitutes the object of this study.