Patrick Soria is a sound engineer, sound designer, producer and composer. He has participated as an assistant at Capitol Studios, Acousti Studios, and Recorder Studios in Paris; with clients like Warner, Universal, Sony. He is also a recording engineer and editor for Grammy-winning mixing engineer Manuel Tomas.

He has clients such as Matt Wallace, multiplatinum producer and songwriter (REM, Maroon 5, Sheryl Crow) during the recording of "Mousetrap Heart" by Thirsty Merc and and "Give Me the Music" by Eva Avila. In addition, he has performed vocal tuning on "American Idol" and for the album "Will" by Presuntos Implicados, nominated for the Latin Award awards. She was a Pro Tools assistant to director Luc Besson while mixing “Lock Out” at Digital Factory.

He is one of the artists and composer for Warner Music.

He is currently a professor at the Berklee College of Music on the Valencia campus.



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