Acoustic Shell – Equipment – ​​La Vila Joiosa Auditorium

AÑO: 2005

The purpose of this project for the Scenic Equipment of the Theater-Auditorium of La Vila Joiosa is to define the stage box and all its elements in such a way as to guarantee its proper functioning, as well as all those intercommunication and audiovisual elements of the rest of the building .

This project is developed in three parts:
1.- Geometric definition of the scene box and adjoining spaces. All those support elements will be adjusted so that the mobile elements that make up the stage equipment itself do not present mounting or operating difficulties. This section will cover:

  • -Comb and countercomb.
  • -Technical catwalks.
  • -Fire curtain.

2.- Definition of the elements that make up the Scenic Equipment:

  • -Orchestra pit.
  • -Scene shell.
  • -Stage machinery.
  • -Stage costumes.
  • -Professional lighting.
  • -Regional.
  • -Technical furniture.

3.- Definition of the audiovisual and intercommunication elements of the Theater-Auditorium.
- Megaphone.

  • -Closed circuit television (CCTV).
  • -Electroacoustic assistance system in the main room.
  • -Image projection system.