YEAR: 2012 – AREA: 1.679m2
The Center d 'Arts Escèniques de Salt-Girona (CAE) is conceived with two parallel objectives:
1. As a residence space for theater companies.
2. As a space of representation / exhibition without more.
The union of these two objectives results in a configurable room that allows the change of use in an easy way, so you can have an Italian theater, a central scene room or simply a large free room on level ground.

'…. It is a simple space, with nothing superfluous, technically super well equipped and it is a very moldable space, which adapts to the theater and not as it usually is, the shows have to adapt to spaces that are often quite impractical at times. ' Salvador Sunyer. Miradas 2 program of TVE of 30-IX-12.

The image is the result of all functional requirements, it is unquestionably a parallelepiped volume, which will not seek to blend in with the existing construction, but rather to produce a powerful image that evokes the textile origin of the factory, a woven metallic skin.
Structurally, the building is made up of a series of 10 parallel porticoes with a span of 17'00m, linked together by secondary porticoes that define a plan grid. The floors are projected as mixed concrete slabs with collaborating sheet metal, while the façade is built with solid precast concrete panels.